Richard De Jager

Nationality: South Africa

Date of birth: 15th November 1961

Born in: Umtata


Phone: +44 7935 946229

Short CV


Richard worked previously as Manager of Sport Facilities in Pietermaritzburg for 4 years and then as Director of Development for the Sharks Rugby Union for 10 years and now lives in London since 2010. He is now a consultant to several National Rugby Federations, a Rugby Premiership Clubs and to the Sharks Academy. He is Regional Account Manager for a large Sports Equipment Company, Ram International Ltd.


  1. Talent ID, International UK and Ireland Exchanges between clubs and Provinces in SA and the UK and other small countries like Norway, Austria and Lithuania.
  2. Assisting Disadvantaged Players and Coaches by creating opportunities for them to grow as players and individuals whilst in another country.
  3. Land arrangements for Rugby and sports tours coming to SA ie British Army, Clubs and Schools.
  4. Consulting for other African Countries to assist them with their Elite Player Development programmes.
  5. Sports Event Management.